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President's Message

Dear Citizen, Business and Community,

As President of the Milpitas Firefighters Local 1699, and on behalf of our entire membership, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support of our cause. Our mission is to "protect and serve" the community of Milpitas.

In this fast paced , technologically advanced age, we are striving to create an atmosphere of transparency and communication which will help to render a more robust relationship by and between our entire community. One way we feel helps us to reach this goal, is by creating this new, interactive website.

In the coming months, we will be adding other advancements to achieve this goal. By engaging in community outreach programs, and supporting all those who align with our philosophies, we feel we can make a positive difference in the lives of people who need this most.

The Milpitas Firefighters Local 1699 consists of firefighters who are dedicated to the community and citizens we serve. You can be assured that each and every day, we are working diligently to build a safe and prosperous environment for everyone.

We are proud of the various community, regional, state and national charities who benefit from our support and involvement. The Milpitas Toy Drive, Kiwanis and Milpitas High Athletic Boosters to name just a few all fall within our vision of a better would with which to live.


G.Borland signature
Gabriel Borland,
Milpitas Firefighters Local 1699 - President

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